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Help out!

How can you help Erin, Lee, and Chad??
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Send e-cards to with messages of support and faith.
    These will be forwarded to the families of the students.

  • Call Haxan films at 407.560.3415 several times and ask about
    the Acadia Seatbelt Project students. Not only will they be happy to give you
    their opinions on the condition of the students, but they will probably also share their views on
    Stuf Films, their movie, and their legal fees!

  • Reserve your copy of the Acadia Seatbelt Project on video so you can watch it
    over and over again until you can figure out what happened to the students.
    Send e-mail requests to

    history filmmakersmythologies

    Acadia Seatbelt Home